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4 Channel KNX Combo Switch Actuator


4 Channel KNX Combo Switch Actuator


Multi-function KNX relay module which has a high processing capacity and which can respond to all automation controls. The combo actuator is a KNX certified device available with 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 channels.

Modules are supplied over KNX bus and do not need any other external power supply. The communication of the devices via the KNX bus enables information exchanges with KNX sensors and the integration with a building management system. Outputs of combo module can be configured to different functionalities depending on the project needs, therefore supports many combinations of:
– Lighting
– Heating
– Shutter and Blind at 230V AC
– Shutter and Blind at 24V DC
– Fan Coil 2 pipes
– Fan Coil 4 pipes

The functionalities for each output include among other things: timing functions, logic gates, scenes, disabling function, forced, working hours counter, periodical monitoring and different configurations for feedback telegrams.
Last situation memory against power failure.