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Analog Audio Extender Set


Analog Audio Extender Set

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The trivum Audio Extender Set is a professional solution for transmitting analog audio signals over large distances using standard network cables. The set consists of 3 parts:

1. Audio transmitter XT:LINE
2. Audio Receiver XR:LINE
3. Power supply

Properties of the audio extender set

The trivum audio extender solution has the following advantages over direct connections (simple adapters or adapters with galvanic isolation):

Up to 300 meters
The active symmetrical transmission of signals (audio + trigger + power supply) is the basis of the trivum Audio Extender solution.
Due to the symmetrical audio transmission, interfering noise caused by interference in the cable route is minimized. Thanks to its advantages, this complex technical solution is standard in many studios today.
Due to the active galvanic separation of the transmitter and receiver, there can be no hum loop caused by potential differences.
Neutral sound
In contrast to the solution using passive galvanic isolation using transformers, the trivum solution is better in terms of sound, because transformers change the sound image and cut or distort the frequency response. The OP-Amps used in the active trivum extenders are technically far superior to the passive solution.
No time delay
In contrast to products that work via IP networks, the trivum solution has no delay. IP solutions (radio or cable) have to digitize the audio signal, then transfer the data in packets over the network, then reassemble them in a buffer in order to convert them into an audio signal. That takes too long to e.g. transmit TV sound lip-synchronously.
With trigger signal
A trigger signal is passed potential-free from the transmitter to the receiver. The voltage is adjusted to 12V. The trigger input reacts with high resistance to voltages between 5V and 24V. The trigger signal is then available at the receiver with a load capacity of 12V / 80mA.
Groundlift switch
Groundlift prevents hum loops, as it separates the signal ground from the transmitter and receiver. Groundlift should therefore be active by default. In rare cases it can still be helpful not to activate the ground lift: If excessive disturbances are not produced by ground loops. These disturbances (whistling, buzzing, rattling) are caused by unclean switching power supplies or plug-in power supplies without grounding.
Unproblematic placement
In contrast to passive Galvian separation by means of transmitters, the trivum solution is not magnetically susceptible to interference. Therefore, the adapter can be placed anywhere, including in the area of ??power supplies.

Scope of delivery

1x trivum XT:LINE analog audio transmitter with 1x 2-pole terminal block for trigger input
1x trivum XR:LINE analog audio receiver with 1x 2-pole terminal block for trigger output
1x power supply