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Movement detector (Radar) HF 180 KNX, white


Movement detector (Radar) HF 180 KNX, white


Movement detector (Radar) HF 180 KNX, white


Reliably detects through partition walls. HF 180 presence switch. The high-frequency sensor system quickly detects any movement regardless of temperature ? even through partition walls, e.g. offices, entrance rooms or toilet facilities. 180? angle of coverage, up to 8 m reach. Intelligent technology and high-calibre design. Available in white or silver. Compatible with System 55 frames.

Reach: diam. 1 – 8 m
Detection angle: 180?

Lighting channels Light 1 ? Light 4: Switching/dimming, switching mode, constant lighting control, stay-ON time

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Dimensions 80 × 80 × 21 mm