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Presence detector Single US KNX


Presence detector Single US KNX


Presence detector Single US KNX


The ideal sensor for small corridors. Single US KNX ultrasonic motion detector, ideal for corridors, thoroughfares and stairwells as well as WC facilities, washrooms and store rooms Detection within 10 m in one direction, both radially and tangentially, envelops objects as opposed to penetrating them, detection regardless of temperature, electronically adjustable reach, with digital BUS interface for controlling 4 lighting channels and HVAC.

Reach: max. 3 x 10 m in one direction

Lighting channels Light 1 ? Light 4: Switching/dimming, switching mode, constant lighting control, stay-ON time
Presence output: Switching response irrespective of light level
HVAC output: depending on presence

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Dimensions 120 × 120 × 73 mm