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1 pair SCW165


1 pair SCW165

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SCW165 – high quality pair of ceiling loudspeakers

Trivum speaker pair for ceiling and wall mounting was developed in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency factor combined with the clearest audio reproduction.
Distortions and sound colorations are reduced to an absolute minimum resulting in a clear intelligibility.
The SCW speaker has a significantly reduced installation depth of only 80 mm.
The speaker pair SCW165 is the perfect complement to the trivum multiroom systems.


Installation depth
The SCW speaker has a significantly reduced installation depth of only 80 mm.

The SCW165 has a high, short-term peak power capacity of 160 watt.

Efficiency factor
With its efficiency factor of 92 dB/W the SCW165 belongs to the market leaders in this size.

A high impedance of 8 ohm is very important for flush mount speakers since they are usually connected to long cables.

Tweeter Level
The SCW165 has a tweeter level adjustment in order to adjust the sound to spacial and acoustical prerequisites.

Reproduction quality
The loudspeakers impress with clear reproduction and audibility due to the minimization of distortions ans sound intelligibility.

The included round and square grills can be exchanged anytime without the need to remove or exchange the speakers.

Fast and easy installation in 3 steps:
-Cut out mounting hole
-Install cable and speaker
-Install the grill

Additional information

Weight 1620 g
Dimensions 202 × 202 × 80 mm