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TouchPad 7 black


TouchPad 7? black

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TouchPad 7? black
trivum 7″ TouchPad

If meteorological services, pictures from webcams or album list, with a screen diagonal of 17.8 cm the trivum 7″ TouchPad even offers more space for your informations.
Not only the size is impressive, but also the design of the new TouchPad is stunning. The TouchPad integrates nearly seamless into the wall. The elegance in the design becomes clear also in the user interface. The user interface is reduced to the essential and is graphically very appealing. It leads the user intuitively through the music collection, allows to invoke or store light-scenes or to simply start the cinema.
The trivum system has achieved an impressive balance between standard and adaptability: Despite the enormous possibilities of the trivum multiroom system, an individual customization of the trivum 7″ TouchPad is possible for each customer, without costly programming.
The strength of the user guidance lies in the simplicity: All main functions have a direct access and can be reached without navigating through the menu, e. g. to listen to the radio, alter the station, change the volume or start the TV. Changing rooms, forming groups, taking music along or turning the music off in the whole house, all those functions are intuitively and quickly operable. Thanks to the online software updates, the TouchPad is always up to date.
As a room controller it steers lights, climate, window shades, scenes and opens the door strike. It displays cameras, meteorological services and energy information.
The trivum 7″ TouchPad is designated for flush wall mount. The connection is carried out via a CAT5 network cable to a standard POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch. The power is also supplied via this switch.

Required components for installation:
? Cat-5 cable
? “In-wall box” 4.3? (dimensions 104?x?82?x?62?mm)
? PoE Switch


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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 176 × 110 × 11 mm